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Reference Animals
CH *B Kori-Brook Wild Romeo
    ++*B SG Kastdemur's Final Justice
  +B SG Lakeshore-Farms Wild at Heart
    SGCH Lakeshore Farms Ace Of Hearts
 +*B SGCH Kori-Brook Wild Romeo
FS91 (EEE ) @ 03-01
AN1588597 4/20/2007
    *B SGCH Dancer's-Ridge Southern Vintage
  GCH Kori-Brook DRSV Reese 4*M
    GCH Kori-Brook DRD Ria De Ranza 3*M

ADGA Pedigree
Romeo(right) 2 years ago - age 7 with Oslo (left)
What can I say about Romeo? He by far has been the most influential buck we have brought into the herd. He is not only a beautiful buck, but he consistently produces beautiful, correct and productive does. They are taller, longer, and more dairy than their dams, excellent producers and very competitive in the show rings with pretty, balanced udders.

His dam GCH Kori-Brook DRSV Reese LA 92EEEE is a beautiful doe with high National placings and multiple champion offspring. Romeo finished his Championship with 2 BBIS wins. He has 4 permanent champion daughters in the herd, 3 with milking stars.

He was the 2012 and 2014& 2015 NYS Fair Get of Sire. 2016 3rd place Get of Sire at the ADGA Nationals and Sire of the 2016 Reserve National Champion, GCH Scotchbriar Wild Joy! Romeo has passed away in the winter just shy of 9, but will live on through his offspring and AI.

Linear Appraisal Score 2010 91EEE
GCH Kori-Brook DRSV Reese 4*M  
  GCH Kori-Brook DRSV Reese 4*M
Photo courtesy of Kori-Brook Dairy Goats
    Goldthwaite B'Lous Man
  Saada Captain Jamalla
    Irish-Cream Capricorn
Scotchbriar SCJ India Vanity
1515580 4/16/2010
    Saada Bryn Myrddin
  Scotchbriar Vain Brynna
    Scotchbriar Late Night In Vain
1st place 2yo at INBA District
2 Nubian Specialty show at the 2012 NYS Fair

ADGA Pedigree
Dam to
CH Scotchbriar Wild Thea
Scotchbriar SCJ India Vanity
Scotchbriar SCJ India Vanity
1st place 2yo at INBA
District 2 Nubian Specialty show at the 2012 NYS Fair
    *B Blissberry CT Bozeman
  The Bozeman Oslo
    Kori-Brook JPAE-FLF Madelyn-M
Scotchbriar Wild Vivian
AN1659585     7/5/13
    +*B SGCH Kori-Brook Wild Romeo
  SGCH Scotchbriar Nimue’s Evening 1*M
    Scotchbriar Midsummer’s Eve
An uncommonly elegant doe, Nimue’s daughter catches the eye with her solid black coloring.
She was reserve Jr. Champion at the 2014 CNYDGS show and placed 2cd behind Kelly in the Jr. Yearling class at the NYSF.
Reserve Champion at the 2016 CNYSDS Ring 2.
A July birthday, she still requires time to develop capacity and lacked enough maturity to make the cut at Nationals.
She has an incredibly high, tight udder that is socked on and milks down to absolutely nothing.
She has only singled and would benefit from a kidding that pushes her harder.
Still, she has been giving 8-9# all season. A breeding to maternal brother Scotchbriar My Bleak Midwinter is planned,
we really loved his first crop of kids that we saw.
ADGA Pedigree  
CH Scotchbriar Lil Miss Pipsqueak
    +B SG Lakeshore  -Farms Wild at Heart
  +*B SGCH Kori-Brook Wild Romeo
FS91 (EEE ) @ 03-01
    GCH Kori-Brook DRSV Reese 4*M
GCH Scotchbriar Lil Miss Pipsqueak
FS88 (VV+V)
AN1477097     4/20/2009
    *B Greystone Emrys
  Scotchbriar Two Toned Dolly
    Scotchbriar Sierra
CH Scotchbriar Lil Miss Pipsqueak
Pipsqueak as a 7yo    
ADGA Pedigree
Not the biggest or fanciest doe in the herd, Pippi still makes you look twice. She is just so structurally sound and well put together, she has an udder that is just “socked” right on. She is the type of doe that will still look the same as a 10yo as she did as a 4yo! A good, strong producing doe, she peaks at 9-10#/day. Her dtr. Sofia freshened with a lovely udder. Often overshadowed in the show ring by her taller sisters we were very pleased to see her stand 3rd behind Joy and Nimue in the aged doe lineup at the 2014& 2015 NYSF. Newflash 2015 , Pippi earned her star becoming Romeos’ 3rd GCH dtr-which then earned him his GCH and +! That’s a big deal in a little herd like ours!! 2016 Pippi took the trip to Nationals and proved her worth with a 9th place in the very competitive Aged doe class!

Linear Appraisal Scores:
2011 87 VVVV
2013 86 VVVV
2015 88 VV+V © 2017 Scotchbrier Nubians